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Electronic signature guide

Consult our current articles and news related to electronic and digital signatures or find an answer to those frequent doubts What else do our clients ask us?

clouds and efirma GO implement the API in their Marketplace

Electronic signature API in Digital Health efirma GO and Nubentos have reached a collaboration agreement to promote the implementation of the digital signature in the
Electronic signature in English

Electronic signature in English, Portuguese and Catalan with efirma GO

The electronic signature has come to stay. The advantages it offers over a paper signature are innumerable (speed, signature from any device, documents stored in the cloud
brand image electronic signature

How to improve your brand image with efirma GO

Use eFirma GO to improve your brand image The electronic signature is an essential tool in any company that seeks to improve its efficiency and transparency in administrative processes.

eIDAS 2 (EUid) New regulation proposal

eIDAS 2 (EUid) What changes does it bring? The proposal for the new eIDAS 2 regulation, also known as EUid, is an initiative of the European Union to update the current regulation of
news 2023 efirma

efirma GO in 2023. News in electronic signature.

The electronic signature in 2023 Now that 2022 is coming to an end and that we are all making good resolutions and reviewing the past year, it is time to be proud of what
Copy and paste an electronic signature

Does copying and pasting a signature have legal validity?

Is it legal to copy and paste a signature? This question has an easy answer, you can use a cut and pasted image of a signature, but when using it the contract or

You are already seeing our new website

The electronic signature website of efirma GO Our electronic signature application efirma GO, does not stop growing and our website aims to be a reflection of it. In it
fast digital signature

Electronic signature: The fastest way to sign

The easiest and fastest way to sign a document? Is it important to digitize? With the great advancement of technology and digitization, new digital processes are increasingly appearing

Capture of biometric data in the electronic signature 

How are biometric data captured in the electronic signature? What is a biometric data? Before analyzing the biometric data actually collected by the electronic signature of efirma GO,

Webinar Digitize and simplify your signature processes.

Free webinar electronic signature Next September 15 at 12.00:XNUMX we will celebrate, organized by Method Consolidates, the online event Webinar Digitize and simplify the electronic signature processes. Method

Electronic signature certificate

The electronic signature certificate Generation of a probative document that includes the evidence of the complete electronic signature process. At the end of the electronic signature process through

How to sign an online settlement with an electronic signature

The possibility of signing a settlement online is an action that little by little is becoming more common thanks to business digitization, technology in

Custody of documentation in efirma GO

The trusted services it provides efirma GO electronic signature are regulated by EU Regulation 910/2014 ("eIDAS Regulation"), directly applicable in all member countries of the

Signing online, the booming digitization trend

There are many actions that digitization has transformed in our day to day. The presence to carry out any management or procedure was almost mandatory and this little by little

Recipient lists in the electronic signature

With the arrival of the new electronic signature software update, efirma GO, new functionalities and modifications to the tool have been implemented. In the previous version, one of

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