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How to use the electronic signature

With the same validity as the signature on paper, but more agile, practical and profitable

efficient firm,
easy and intuitive

Optimize your processes with the electronic signature and save time and costs with shipping automation. Combine editable fields, shipping lists and document templates and make hundreds of shipments at once.


confidentiality and
guaranteed inalterability
by encryption of
data, time stamping and compliance with LSEC 6/2020.


The document for your signature will be available from the moment it is sent, ensuring the traceability and status of the document in real time.


Connect any software on the market through our API and automate the signing and delivery of any documentation.


Set reminders, expiration dates, choose email or SMS as the means of communication, mailing lists, form fields, language for notifications



How does an electronic signature work

You will receive a notification (email or SMS) from efirma GO to sign a document.

Once the documents are published, the recipients are informed by the selected means of communication (Email or SMS) that they have a document pending signature. This notification can be in multiple languages. If you click on review and sign document in the email, or in the SMS link, the document can be signed from any place and device. In addition, the app efirma GO, is available in the stores of the different mobile devices: Google Play y App Store.

review and sign

You can read the entire document to accept its content. Once reviewed, you can accept or reject the document. In this case, you will have to indicate the reason why it is rejected.
After pressing the button Sign, the application shows us a field to perform a handwritten signature. We will accept the clauses and press continue. You can choose the color of the ink and use the QR to redirect to the smartphone in case you are on the PC and prefer to do it from your mobile.
In the event that the signature does not come out satisfactorily, press cancel to do it again.


Get your certificate

Once the document has been signed, the signatory will receive an email with the signed document; If it requires the signature of several signatories, once the electronic signature process is finished, each of them will receive the document signed by all. They will be able to download both the document with the signature or signatures made, as well as the certificate or audit trail that includes the evidence of the process. This certificate can be received in multiple languages, as selected by the issuer at the beginning of the process. If it is signed via SMS communication, an SMS will be received on the mobile device of the signatories with a link to the signed document so that it can be downloaded by them. Efirma GO has Storage elements for signed documents that guarantee the integrity of the database and its content, the documents being available for a minimum of 5 years.


Now that you know what the electronic signature consists of, start using it

Achieve greater agility in closing sales, keep all documentation up to date and sign all kinds of documents electronically and with full legal validity.

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