Electronic signature in English

The electronic signature has come to stay. The advantages it offers compared to a paper signature are innumerable (speed, signature from any device, documents stored in the cloud that can be consulted instantly when needed, saving paper and a long etcetera).

But also Another advantage is the legal validity of the electronic signature throughout the EU territory thanks to the EIDAS regulation; This regulation, No. 910/2014 entered into force on July 1, 2016 and since then any signature made electronically in any country is valid in other member states.

For this reason, at efirma we wanted to unite and take advantage of the force of this regulation, and we have begun to expand our electronic signature services in different languages ​​so that our clients can grow their business portfolio and sign agreements beyond our border.

The first major update of this 2023 begins with the addition of 3 languages ​​in our application. The 3 new languages ​​that we incorporate in the electronic signature are:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Catalan

The language change has been made mainly for those users who speak another language and can receive notifications and notices of the electronic signature requirement in English, Catalan or Portuguese. In addition to this, a user may be receiving a notice in a certain language (for example, English) and we, as emissaries of the document, receive proof of the final signature in another language than the one the signer has selected. Languages ​​are fully configurable and we will see below howdemos manage it.

How to use the electronic signature in English, Portuguese or Calatan

Step 1:

When we are going to send a document, we must know that the language that we have selected for ourselves or the one that we will choose for the user who signs does not affect the texts of the document, since this is a pdf and the translation does not apply in them.

At this point it does not affect the language we select

Step 2:

When selecting the recipients, just where the red circle is marked, there are 3 dots that we will click on, and we will select "edit recipient"

In the box that opens, we will select the language in which we want the user to receive the notification. In our example we have selected the electronic signature in Portuguese.

We select the language for the user

This option is fully configurable and each user can have a different language even if they are going to sign the same document

Step 3:

At this point, the language does not affect at any point

Step 4:

At the last point of the process, we can select the language in which we want to receive the signature certificate.

Once we finish the whole process, we will send the document and after seeing the previous example, the following will happen:

The user will receive the notification in the selected language, open the document (which will see it in the original language in which it was uploaded to the platform, since the tool, as we said before, does not translate documents), and when signing it, they will also receive an email Thank you in the selected language.

Electronic signature certificate in English

After this signature, the issuer of the document will have in his mail the certificate of the signed document written in the language he selected, (in this example: Portuguese). We remind you that thanks to the EIDAS regulation, the validity of these signatures and these certificates are correct.

Another way to configure the electronic signature in English

We have previously explained how to change the language throughout the process of sending a document for an electronic signature, however, there is another way to change the language in which we want the user to receive the notices, and this is from the option " Recipients", and having our complete list of users, we will click on the 3 dots and choose the language. From the moment we make this change, that user will receive the following notifications in that language (unless we change it again)

Scheduling digital signature shipments

There is also the possibility of scheduling a shipment on a certain date. When we need this new modality, we will be able to edit the document as much as we need until the moment it is sent, and even if the process is finally cancelled, this will not be counted as a completed shipment.

This can be configured in the last step of the document submission process.

These innovations are intended to facilitate the work of those who use electronic signatures in their day-to-day activities and for their business activities. If to date you were not using this tool and you think it can help you in your day to day, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will advise you so that you can start using it from the first moment you need it.

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